History, art and nature

The whole area south-east of Sicily, after the primitive archaic Greek and Roman settlements, was affected by domination Norman, Swabian, Aragonese and Spanish but the catastrophic earthquake of 1693 changed history forever. The earthquake literally razed to the ground entire towns, destroying all memory of this urban area. The present-day aspect of this area of the island is the result of a reconstruction of the city conceived as works of art, masterpieces of a civilization that celebrated itself in a thousand coils and shapes derived from an early golden stone Hyblaean. The sumptuous, elegant palaces, the churches from precious interiors and facades inlaid drugs, the urban plots woven according to a single style, make this area of south-eastern Sicily an outstanding example of architectural influence in the area and represent one of the highest in the world of late Baroque Europe. The style is commonly called "Baroque of Val di Noto" is distinguished from one city to another especially for the use of different materials used for construction. The dark-gray baroque Catania, due to the use of the lava rock, is very different from the light honey color of Noto.

Grand'Hotel Sofia****
Grand Hotel Sofia is a Hotel in Noto in the province of Siracusa, which is just 3 km from the beautiful sandy beaches of eastern Sicily, and just 1 km from the historical center of Noto.
Grand Hotel Sofia is surrounded by beautiful gardens where nature very generous gradually gives way to 'charming old town of Noto with its impressive cathedral. The suites and rooms, a masterpiece of elegance and design, all have a bath (Jacuzzi for Suite) or shower, large private terrace, wi-fi, satellite TV Lcd with Sky pay per view, minibar and safe. All rooms have a panoramic veranda, to have around you only natural paradise, where you can almost reach out and touch the most beautiful Baroque towns.
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